Hire a Boston WingWoman Savvy Ice-Breakers at Your Service!

Susan Baxter Ė CEO and Founder/Online Profile Consultant

Susan Baxter studied Sociology in the United States and Paris, France, and has a Master's degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Massachusetts. She has been featured in a multitude of media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, NBC, CBS Radio, and KISS 108 FM. From her vast online and in-person dating experience, leading dating workshops, and listening to what her clients look for in a potential date, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with those who want to accomplish their dating goals. Susan has lived in Boston for over a decade, is from the Boston area, and has vast knowledge of the local lounges, bars, upcoming events, and other social settings in which meeting someone would be ideal.

Sabrina - Manager/Dating Coach

Even before Sabrina started working with Hire a Boston WingWoman in 2010, she would act as a wingwoman to both her male and female friends for years. She is excellent at observing and pinpointing exactly what a client needs to change about his or her behavior and approach in order to attract whomever they are interested in. She also gives clients suggestions on things they can work on independently in between wingwoman outings. Her amazing success with clients was a huge contributing factor to her promotion to Manager of HBWW in 2012, and we canít wait to see even more clients improve with her help!

Ryan - WingMan

Ryan is an in-field specialist who will change the way you view attraction, the dating world, and most importantly-yourself. He is currently writing a book titled "The Chivalry Equation," that presents new models of thought in redefining attraction and laying the foundation for long-lasting relationships. Ryan has been actively coaching dates and winging for several years for both male and females. His expertise will not only help you with your personal life, but will translate into your daily interactions with new found confidence and experience. Meet someone and start something real with your new found skills!

Victoria - Image Consultant

Victoria graduated with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her passion for fashion and design has taken her all over the world, including spending a year abroad in Milan. Through her travels and study of art and design she has been able to amalgamate her own personal style with a global aesthetic. She believes in fashion that transcends the times and that people should always wear what they love and are comfortable in. Victoria focuses on all aspects of appearance from fashion, make-up and fitness. She believes that people should find their own style and wear it with pride and works intimately with clients to help them discover their innate sense of fashion.

Shannon - Image Consultant/Life Strategist

Shannon's eclectic fashion sense developed while growing up in Europe 10 years. She was voted "Best Dressed" in High School, and went on to model, choreograph, and design clothes for fashion shows while in college. Upon graduating, she moved to Tokyo for two years, where she signed with talent agencies, and took jobs including voiceover work, and a music video with Amuro Namiye - "the Japanese Madonna." Shannon has lived in Boston 20+ years. Her 15+ years of work experience includes 6 years at MIT and Harvard, where she received a Master's in Education in 2009. In addition to being a WW Image Consultant, Shannon is the CEO of a Life Strategy Consultancy, and finds true fulfillment supporting people in feeling confident and empowered to be their best.